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Turkey has become one of the most attractive countries of theWorld with its attempts to join in to international organizations recently. Foreign people’s interest and curiosity to Anatolia that is the cradle of the civilizations, and the importance that Turkey attaches to integration with international society are the main reasons of preferring our country.

Bursa is one of the cities of Anatolian geography that hold fascinated culture and history mostly. Bursa, which was the first capital city of Ottoman Empire and its historical fabric, are holding not only Ottoman effects but also holding Rome and Byzantine effects. When Ottoman reached great power, Bursa developed,  improved and became one of the most important commerce, culture and art centres. The city was called “payitaht” (capital city) at that period and many structures were constructed in the city such as mosque, madrasah, hot spring, social complex and alms house. The city, which became a centre of silk and spice commerce, also became a science and culture centre of Ottoman Empire with he education that was given at madrasahs. After proclamation  of the Republic, Bursa was one of the most effected cities by the development attempts in the country; hence Gazi Mustafa Kemal visited Bursa 18 times. Atatürk joined the opening of Merinos Factory, established by the state, Gemlik Artificial Silk Factory and private sector establishment Silk Work Factory during his visits in Bursa


Bursa which under the Republican period became a centre for industrialization and production is a city which has succeeded in developing its existing tradition of commerce and bringing it up to the present day. The city has 13 industrial zones one of which is Turkey’s first industrial zone, 19 small-scale industrial zones, 1 free-trade zone and also a technology development centre which provides services to industry. In Bursa which has Turkey’s second largest exports union the production has been focused on the textile, automotive, automotive spare parts7 industry, ready-to-wear garments, machinery and metal industry, dry-fresh and frozen foods, agriculture and service sector. Turkey’s most important automotive factories are to be found in Bursa. According to the Ministry of Finance’s data for the year 2008, from the point of view of providing budget incomes for the country’s economy Bursa takes 5th place in the ranking after Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli and İzmir. According to the number of work places and employees. Bursa takes second place in the ranking in the Marmara Region after İstanbul. Bursa is in the second place in the export in Turkey after İstanbul with nearly 2 million 500 thousand population.

Due to being a tourism paradise, Bursa is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The city, which has got a rich inherit in terms of historical achievements, hold many historical achievements from Rome and Ottoman time. Bursa that has been a commerce centre during the history keeps its historical fabric with its caravanserais. The caravanserais, which reflect commerce tradition of the city by now, contribute a great richness to the city visually. Bursa that is known as a hot springs city gives services to its visitors with its modern and more useful thermal hot springs and baths now. The tourists, who come from all around our country and from the world, prefer Bursa’s hot springs to recover health. Mainly Aghia Sophia Church, located in İznik, is very important for Christians, and many achievements from Rome time are attracting attention in Bursa. İznik, which is famous with its ceramics, has the speciality in being the most important tourism and historic place of this region. Bursa is a unique city due to being located in the foot of the mountain and being located by the sea. It has got a mild climate and is available for visit at four seasons. Mudanya, Trilye (Zeytinbağı) and Güzelyalı, which are located by the sea, carry the beautiful charming navy-blue to Bursa. Especially Trilye (Zeytinbağı) is very important historically, it keeps the Byzantine, Rum and Ottoman architect traces. Uludağ, which is the top winter tourism centre of Turkey, presents beauties of four seasons to its visitors, and hosts thousands of people every year. Uludağ gives services not only for winter tourism; it also presents many facilities such as trekking, out door and picnic with its rich fauna and flora at every season. Bursa, which is also rich with its cuisine, presents also traditional Turkish cuisine with modern life by blending. İskender kebab, İnegöl meatball, candied chestnut and Kemalpaşa dessert can be available easily.


Atatürk Congress Culture Centre can benefit from all local transport facilities it has the same facilities for transport of accommodations. Room capacities of the Bursa hotels are as follows:

5 Stars 7 Hotels 1217 Rooms
4 Stars 9 Hotels 842 Rooms
3 Stars 13 Hotels 670 Rooms
2 Stars 3 Hotels 111 Rooms
Special certificated 4 Hotels 166 Rooms
Apart 1 Hotel 24 Rooms
Total 37 Hotals 3030 Rooms



Bursa is connected to the other cities with motorway, airway and seaway. There are two airports in Bursa; one of them is Yenişehir International Airport that is 56 km far from city centre and the other is Yunuseli Airport that is located in the centre. Yenişehir International Airport is open for domestic and abroad traveller for transport. Transport, from Bursa to İstanbul, is possible by the sea way with ferry and hydrofoil at Güzelyalı (Mudanya) Ferry Quay. The journey, between İstanbul and Bursa, takes 75 minutes with the fast ferry service that seals from Bursa to Yenikapı twice in a day. Besides Kabataş- Bursa journey takes 2 hours with hydrofoil (İDO) that seals twice in a day, and Kadıköy-Bursa journey takes 1  hour 40 minutes. Güzelyalı Ferry Quay is 15 minutes far from the city centre. Bursa is 243 km far from İstanbul by motor way; it is 382 km far from Ankara and it is 322 km far from İzmir. Bursa Intercity Bus Station is 10 km far from the city centre and it has got a connection with the belt high way. The buses, minibuses, taxi dolmush and railway system are used at the local mass transport.


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